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98 Hatch. tougeSolo build

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:40 pm
by David Stenger
Chassis: A rust free 98 Civic Hatch DX manual.
Engine: B20B High Compression.
Trans: Integra Type R LSD 5spd.

So far:

Interior gutting. Basically everything that isn't needed, is gone. The pain in the ass part was the sound deadening. But a few exceptions are made. Door panels are still on to hold the door speakers, and reduce risk of burns/cuts from the metal. The center console is only the front half to maintain the cup holders and house the radio's new location. The dash, is fully gutted. Its essentially the skin, gauge cluster, and crossbar (safety and structure). The idea is if you pul...login to view the rest of this post