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370z of complete FOG LAMP install

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:02 pm
by Jeremy Gaines
370z of complete FOG LAMP install
I'm not sure who wrote this, I save every DIY I come across.
I do not take credit for this DIY

All right everyone!!! all you guys are gonna love me for this.
Before I start off I would like to just say that installing the fog was much easier than I thought.
So ill walk all of you through it all.



Step 1 Installing the lamp
Look underneath your rear bumper you will see one pop out fastener.... it looks like this...

Stick your flat head screwdriver and pop it out.
It looks like this:

Now..... simply wiggle it out... mine was a little stuck for some odd reason... DONT FORCE it out k!?!? just keep wiggling it with your fingers till it comes out...

Now look up right in front of your exhaust barrel there will be a plate.... looks like ...login to view the rest of this post